Monday, January 31, 2011

The January 2011 Urban Decay Fan Giveaway - Final Chance to Enter and Important Info

The January 2011 Urban Decay Fan Giveaway - Final Chance to Enter and Important Info: "Happy Sunday to all!!

I want to start by welcoming all of the amazing new beauties to Public Service Beauty!  This giveaway has brought in a ton of new fans - we literally tripled our fan base!!  It brings me great joy to share beauty, makeup, tips, etc - and I really hope you'll stick around after the giveaway has ended to see what PSB has in store for you!!   Public Service Beauty will always be a place for beauties of all shapes, sizes, ages and levels of experience, a place where you can learn, grow, share, explore, experiment, teach and most importantly - be beautiful, inside and out!   

Since this contest is a big deal to all of you (and to me, as well), I took the time this afternoon to compile all of the entries, and the Facebook sharing/referral bonus entries, into a (read-only) list, located here.   If your name is not on this list, please post a comment to this FB post  or this FB post, per the official contest rules.  The official rules are posted here - and as long as you're over 18, live in the US and have entered, you're qualified to win.  (My apologies to anyone who has entered and lives outside of the States, but I don't know enough about the rules of international shipping to attempt it for this contest).

(And just in case you're wondering why I am requiring that you comment on those posts, it's a lot of work tracking down all kinds of contest entries all over the place, and this just makes it easier for me to track, and for you to enter.)

Please note:  If you've commented on a blog and become a FB fan, I've done my best to track down your name - but since most Blogger profile names are not the same as FB names, please email me or comment on one of the FB posts linked above to qualify your entry if you're not already on the entrant list.

Remember, you have until midnight PST tomorrow to email me ( a list of your referrals, or share a Facebook post, etc.   

Please see the other subscriber contest posts for descriptions of the prize packs, tutorial videos, etc.

As always - be beautiful, and good luck!!  I can't wait to reveal the winners on Tuesday!!


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