Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge: "
For weeks now I have heard online, whispers of a new, fantastic cosmetics company. Appearing sporadically on blogs and on twitter, the whispers intrigued me. Inspired by Victorian fairytales I heard. Originally from Russia, ooh how exotic. You cant currently buy it in any UK stores, interesting and exclusive eh. Its very expensive, definitely high end stuff, certainly.

 Rouge Bunny Rouge had become my new fascination, not purely because of the seemingly exclusive nature of their products (and their price tags) but more because of the innovative nature of their items.

I awoke from a peaceful slumber one fine morning  and found to have in my possession a variety of different Rouge Bunny Rouge items. How they had got there, I could not say. It were as if by magic. I spotted a light glimmer of what appeared to be fairy dust gleaming in the sunlight which was peaking through my window and realised that the fairies from the enchanted garden had glided silently into my bedroom that evening and left their magical lotions and potions for me to find upon waking.

Ok not really, but this is exactly the imagery Rouge Bunny Rouge evokes, with its fairy tale esq descriptions of products which evoke images of fairies, princesses, enchanted woods and magic. 

Evocative descriptions aside, Rouge Bunny Rouge really does have a fantastic array of products to offer, my favourite being their Decadent Duo range. Ever had the issue of trying to find a blush and lipgloss that actually compliment each other? Search no more ladies, Decadent Duo can solve the problem for you.  
The duo range is basically a 2 in 1 product. 1 Physical product, 2 functions. One end of the wand contains a delicate liquid blush whilst the other contains a lipgloss. Im a massive fan of liquid/cream blush anyway as I feel it gives you a more natural glow as opposed to being too matte.

The blush has a brush wand for application, though I prefer to put it on my fingers before blending it into my cheeks. The Gloss was silky, shiny and moisturising and complimented the blush perfectly. 

What a genius idea eh! Genius if you know what you are using. I must admit, it took me a while to realise it was a blush and gloss- I had thought it was a dual lipgloss to begin with…

Another firm favourite is their Lip Potion in Devilish Nectar. Blended with spicy essential oils (I can definitely smell cinnamon, cardamom and chilli for sure) and jojoba, it increases the blood flow to your lips leaving them flushed, softened and irresistible to any prince!

You can currently only buy Rouge Bunny Rouge on the website Zuneta.com, but be warned, you will need to save up your hard earned gold coins before indulging, with the Decadent Duo’s selling for £28,  and The Lip potion £24 they are definitely little luxuries. 

OR, You can just enter my competition to win over £100 worth of Rouge Bunny Rouge goodies!
You can win  a Decadent Duo in Rumba Cubana RRP £28, A Lose Glitter Pigment, Fire Drop RRP £24, and The Bronzing Gold Liquid, RRP £64.

All you have to do to enter is follow my blog through Google Friends Connect on the right hand side of the page, follow me on twitter @sarah_berryman1 and leave a comment below with your contact details and tell me what mystical creature you would most like to be!

The competition closes at 12pm on Friday 5th August.

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