Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blue & White Topaz Women’s Ring Giveaway ~ Ends 3/25

Blue & White Topaz Women’s Ring Giveaway ~ Ends 3/25:

Blue Topaz Ring
Would you like to win the blue & white topaz sterling silver ring (size 8.5) from Kay Jewelers that is picture above? If yes then be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win by using the form at the bottom of this post.
By entering this giveaway you are agreeing to the  Terms & Conditions. There are 3 mandatory entries – providing your mailing (postal and e-mail) information – for the sole purpose of me knowing where to send the prize  should you be the winner, grabbing the word of the day & commenting on post saying if you will keep the ring for yourself or gift it.
In addition to the mandatory entries there are also optional entries available for anybody that wants to increase their odds of winning (2 of the options can be done daily). This giveaway ends at the end of 3/25/13. Generally I don’t have giveaways that last 24 days, but since this is so high value I opted to run it for longer.
Now you may wonder why I’m giving away a ring valued at $99.99. For Christmas in 2011 my ex gave this to me as a promise ring and then shortly after getting the ring back from being sized, he demolished his promise to me. After that I wore it once, at my mom’s commitment ceremony & that was only because it went perfectly with my dress.
In further explanation, for those thinking oh she should still keep the ring. But the thing is, it feels like such a waste to have it sitting in my fire safety box, when I  know that I could make somebody else happy by giving it away. I’ve finally reached the point where I don’t want to give it away as a spiteful thing or to get rid of the negative, but rather so I can brighten somebody else’s life. So that is why this giveaway has come to be.
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