Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beauty and science collide in an awesome way with Algenist! Contest!

Beauty and science collide in an awesome way with Algenist! Contest!: "

Two of my favourite retailers - Sephora and The Shopping Channel have gotten together to introduce a unique new skin care line to Canada - meet Algenist!

is a product line of advanced anti-aging skincare products made with a breakthrough ingredient, alguronic acid, which was unexpectedly discovered by scientists while they were researching renewable energy solutions. What's really cool about it is when it was
tested for its potential anti-aging skin benefits, alguronic acid
demonstrated the ability to significantly increase cell regeneration and
renewal as well as elastin synthesis. Not to mention, when applied to skin
tissue models, alguronic acid demonstrated a significant inhibition of
melanin production and significant protection from UV cell damage and
DNA damage.

Available in the line at both Sephora and The Shopping Channel is:

Concentrated Serum - 30ml - $112 - a smooth, advanced anti-aging serum formulated with a high concentration of the revolutionary ingredient, alguronic acid, to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles, while helping to improve skin firmness and boost radiance.

Anti-Aging Moisturizer - 60ml - $106 - a luxurious nourishing cream formulated with alguronic acid and
anti-aging skin bioactives including vitamin C and apple cell extract to
help restore moisture, while minimizing the appearance of lines and
wrinkles on your skin. (US can also get their hands on one with an SPF 20 which is not yet available in Canada)

Complete Eye Renewal Balm - 15ml - $76 - a rich, yet lightweight moisturizing and soothing balm for the eye
area, which is formulated with alguronic acid and skin bioactives
including cucumber extract and caffeine to help decrease the appearance
of puffiness and dark circles, while visibly minimizing wrinkles around
the eyes.

Fear of commitment? Check out the Algenist Discovery Kit at The Shopping Channel: you get 15ml of the Serum and Moisturizer and 7ml of the Eye Balm for $55 - a great way to try the line and make sure you like it! 

It's ingredient may come from algae but it's neither green nor slimy nor does it smell fishy - the products actually feel quite luxurious and smell clean and fresh! I've been trying out the eye balm for several weeks now and it's been doing wonders for my morning puffiness!This is the kind of line that makes great sense for The Shopping Channel to carry because it give you the chance to catch one of the Algenist shows where a company expert will give you all the goods on the line in a much better/more understandable way then my limited product/science knowledge ever could - I am told that there is plans to have Algenist in the studio near the end of September so keep your eye on the schedule and be sure to catch the show. 

Algenist is available at The Shopping Channel at,at Sephora and as well as the Algenist website 

We're so convinced that you want to rub some algae into your own face that we want you to have a chance to win all three products - read on if we're right! 

This contest is
open to our Canadian and US readers and it's very easy to enter,
just leave a comment letting us know that you follow (if you aren't a
follower you can sign up through Google or Facebook - signups are in the
right sidebar

1 entry for following and leaving a comment answering the
question - what skincare issue are you hoping Algenist will help you with

And for extra entries you can do one or both of the following:

1 entry for following @Beautycrazedcan on Twitter and  tweeting the contest

1 entry for following @Algenist_SF on Twitter and tweeting the contest

prefer not to leave your info on a public post, please leave a post
saying you want to enter and then e-mail your info to, please put "Algenist Contest" in the
line.  Remember to leave the post or you name won't actually end up in the draw!
Winner to be decided by random drawing and you have until August 22nd to
enter. Good Luck!

- Lisamarie -


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