Monday, August 8, 2011

Every Girl Deserves a Halo

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Every Girl Deserves a Halo: "
4 Years ago i made one of my biggest beauty mistakes ever. I cut my hair. (Well a hairdresser did to be more accurate) But it wasnt just a little cut or trim.  I asked her to full on hack off 80% of my lovely, long locks.

What possessed me, i can’t tell you, but i can tell you is that i hated the result. Massively.
I missed having long, gorgeous, feminine hair. I’d always had long hair and without it, i felt like Samson did when Delilah cut his locks off. 

 What if like Samson, my hairs had been the source of my power, and now i’d lost it!
The first thing i did on the Monday was search for hair extensions. I found some, though can’t remember the name or brand (not a good sign i know) and i used them until my hair grew.

They were pretty nasty- yes they were natural hair, but they smelt chemically treated, were dry and in hindsight, actually pretty bad extensions.

Fast forward 4 years and my hair has finally grown back  (it was a LONG 4 years waiting for that to happen let me tell you!)
I have length yes, but my hair is thin, glassy and massively lacking in volume. A friend of mine suggested i try extensions again, this time to add volume to my hair. Oh no, not going there again i thought. 

Then i came across a brand called Halo. With a mission statement of ‘Every girl deserves a Halo and every halo deserves an Angel’ i was intrigued. ‘I want a Halo, i want to be an Angel’ i thought, after all, what girl wouldn’t!

Halo 20 inch extensions in Darkest Brown
Halo’s pre bonded extensions (which i used) use 100% Indian Remy Hair, the premium in hair extensions.

They have a vast selection of different colours, making finding a colour for your hair easy peasy and you can buy in 16, 20 or 24 inches depending on what your after! PLUS as they are 100% human hair, you can dye, straighten, crimp and curl the extensions to your heart’s content, unlike with synthetic hair.

Also, unlike some other brands, Halo are incredibly reasonably priced. Pop into a very well known woman’s clothes shop on Oxford Street in London and you will find clip in extensions for double the price of Halo. Yes really.

As you may have seen from other photos on my blog, my hair is dyed a reddish colour, making matching my hair to extensions hard. Not a problem, when i dye my hair i simply dye my extensions too. Problem solved!

My Hair Au Natural. Not a Halo in sight.
The 20 inch full head clip in which i used was a bargain at £59.99 and included 8 pieces. 2 pieces are 8” wide with 3 clips, 2 pieces are 6” wide with 2 clips and 4 pieces are 2” wide with 1 clip.

One of my favourite things about Halo was the clips. Getting clip in extensions to stay put in my hair was a nightmare. These clips are strong, steadfast and ensure that your extensions don’t slip out of place, leaving your hair wonky. Never a good look!

They are silky, shiny and blend in wonderfully with your natural hair. 

Attaching the 8 inch Piece to my hair
To put mine in i sectioned off part of my hair on the back of my head and clip in one of the 8 inch wide pieces. I then part my hair an inch or two higher and add the other 8 inch piece. (See Photo)

I then parted my hair on either side and added the two 6 inch pieces, one on their side of my head and then added two of the 2 inches pieces to either side of my head slightly higher up.
Then voila. I had my Halo and long, thick, volumous , natural looking and shiny hair. 

With my Halo extensions in. Thick, volumous and gorgeous
I've got my Halo! Now, just to find my wings!
You want your own Halo now too don’t you? Well, not a problem. Courtesy of Halo Hair you can win a 16 or 20 inch Full Head Set in the colour of your choice by entering my competition.

To Enter, simply do the following:

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The competition will close on 12th September. One Entry per person.

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