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Facial Masks giveaway!

How would you love to win some fabulous skincare products, facial masks, which are being given away in this contest sponsored by Blogger "for Ain't A Barbie Doll"
The rules for this contest are listed below and entering is a breeze and will only take a few minutes to do. And the prizes are so wonderful, you simply must enter for a chance to win these fabulous prizes. The ingredients in these masks will smooth and calm the skin, adding extra hydration to the skin to keep it soft and supple. They also rejuvenate the skin increasing elasticity, enhancing skin cell regeneration. Skins remains healthy because the ingredients in these masks help to shield the skin from harsh environmental factors that normally damage the skin. The skin regains it's youthful appearance by blocking damage from the sun, reducing and preventing age spots and other damage caused by the sun. These masks contain so many nutrients and vitamins and minerals, all of which keep the skin smooth, reduces wrinkles and eliminates age spots. It doesn't get any better than this. Please read below for further information about these incredible facial masks being given away in this contest. Good luck to all!

Facial Masks giveaway!: Hi there,
After much thoughts, i finally decided to do facial masks giveaway as my first giveaway. oh.. im so excited.^^

this contest is open for Ain't A Barbie Doll followers only
you can be anywhere in this world, as long as you're reachable by mail.
(9 Feb - 5 Mac 2011)

1. You must be my follower.
2. write a blog entry about this giveaways
3. in the entry, you need to add this contest photo and a link to this contest page
4. then, email me the entry link (
6. The lucky winners will be contact by email.
(Three winners will be chosen)


1. Face Q Masks (36 sheets)


Ocean + aloe masks (20 sheets)
- soothing calm the skin, add skin moisture to maintain skin hydration.
- Hyaluronic Acid: Powerful moisturizing locks of water.
- anti-oxidation.
- increased elastic essence of rejuvenation to enhance skin cell regeneration,delicate just like baby’s skin.
- to help the skin more healthy, protect against harsh conditions
- natural moisturizing skin with long-lasting moisture to maintain moisture and luster
- “collagen” anti-aging effect.

Grapeseed + green tea masks (11 sheets)
- Whitening moisturizing
- anti-oxidation, so that the skin regains its youthfulness and whitening
- enhance anti-oxidation, promote skin elasticity

Luffa + adlay masks (5 sheets)
- anti-oxidation, anti-free radicals, slow down aging on the sensitivity of the skin are easy to calm anti-inflammatory effect of soothing after-sun skin discomfort.
- to enhance skin defense function and relieve skin discomfort.
- tighten pores to help skin against external damage.
- Adlay In addition to the nutritional content of starch in addition, it also contains a considerable number of proteins and fats, vitamins B1, B2, as well as calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals. The proteins break down enzymes, softening the skin keratinocytes, smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, eliminate pigment spots.

2. SexyLook Masks (36 sheets)


Sexy Look Aloe Vera + Q10 Moisturising Ear Lobe Mask (6 sheet)
Functions: Increases skin's hydration levels, Moisturising, Soothing, Helps to firm up saggy chins.

Sexy Look Bird's Roseroot & Collagen Ear Lobe Mask (6 sheets)
Functions: Nourishing, Firming, Repair, Lifting, Moisturising, Improves Skin's radiance, Helps to firm up saggy chins.

Sexy Look Bird's Gem Peptide & Tranexamic Acid Ear Lobe Mask (6 sheets)
Functions: Moisturising, Brightening, Increases skin's elasticity, Improves Skin's radiance, Helps to firm up saggy chins.

Sexy Look Bird's Nest & Gold Caviar Ear Lobe Mask (6 sheets)
Functions: Brightening, Moisturising, Increases skin's elasticity, Improves Skin's radiance, Helps to firm up saggy chins.

Sexy Look Pearl Barley + Sodium Hyaluronate Brightening Ear Lobe Mask (6 sheets)
Functions: Whitening, Brightening, Firming, Moisturising, Cell Renewal, Helps to firm up saggy chins.

Sexy Look Red Wine + Platinum Anti Aging Ear Lobe Mask (4 sheets)
Functions: Firming, Increases skin's elasticity, Antiaging, Antioxidant, Moisturising, Cell Renewal, Helps to firm up saggy chins.

3. My Beauty Diary Masks (26 sheets + Lotion)


Aloe Masks (7 sheets)
Function: repair and moisturizes dry and damaged skin.

Pearl Powder Masks (6 sheets)
Function: for dull and damaged skin with softening, whitening, and nourishing properties.

Hyaluronic Acid Masks (7 sheets)
Function: stops the degenerative process that sets in with aging, while revitalizing damaged tissue, leaving your skin moisturized and young-looking.

Arbutin Masks (6 sheets)
Function: whitening & anti-ageing ingredient which penetrates deep into skin and effectively inhibits the formation of melanin, dark spots, and freckles, leaving you a bright skin tone with high translucency

Peach Apple Flowers Body Lotion (100ml)

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